podEnglish 01 - Introductions


Welcome to EF Pod English! Brought to you by EF Education First and Englishtown

Learn anytime, anywhere! I am your English teacher, your personal guide

to help you learn English, and this is Max. Hi, my name is Max and I am from Italy.

This lesson is about introducing yourself in English. How is it going?

Pod English Beginner 1

Introductions In this lesson, we will introduce ourselves

in English. Take a look at the text on the screen

And Max pointing to it. Max is just one of many presenters that will

help you understand the lesson. Together we will teach you useful phrases,

vocabulary, and grammar Let’s begin by showing you how these lessons

work. Each lesson is divided into three sections,

Watch, Learn, and Try - with study points in the beginning and review

points at the end. Study Points: here, I will talk about the

key points that we are going to learn about in today’s lesson.

In the Watch section, youll watch a short movie.

Each lesson is based on these movies. Try to remember what the people are saying

in the lessons because you will be tested in the following sections.

Once we get to the LEARN section you will get a chance to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Do you remember how Max introduced himself? Hi, my name is Max and I am from Italy.

Lets take another look. He said:

Hi, my name is Max and I am from Italy. Where does Max come from?

Italy I am from Italy.

Now we are at the TRY section, where you can practice what you have learned.

Let’s practice. Here I will ask you to repeat phrases and

practice what you learned in the lesson. How do you introduce yourself?

I’ll begin by saying, ‘hello, what is your name?’

Now, you try. When ever you see an underline, fill in the

missing word. And then you will say: ‘My name is......

Excellent! Now introduce yourself but this time say where

you are from. Hello, my name is ...... and I am from .......

Great!! My name is David and I am from the United

Kingdom. Now it’s time to review what we have learned

in this lesson. Today youve learned how to introduce yourself.

So, get ready! You have just completed your first lesson

and you are on your way to learning English. So enjoy and good luck!