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I know I'm SO a good teacher, right? No! I'm SUCH a good teacher!

Today we're doing the differences between SO and TOO including very, really, and a few other things

There is a test at the end of this video, so stay for that.

Also make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper

Let's begin

"Very" is easy, it's 'more than normal' so you want to say "Wow! This thing is more than normal!"

"She is VERY pretty" or "she's...

"she's REALLY pretty"

REALLY is more common to say than VERY

But just know that they're basically the same thing

She's very pretty, she's really pretty

but when this guy says "Wow she's SO pretty"

that adds some emotion to his sentence

"WOW! she's pretty"

It's a bit stronger than VERY or REALLY

With "Very", "Really", and "So"

the next word can be an adjective like "pretty"

or an adverb like...

This time they're talking about how well she speaks French

This guy, more than normal, "She speaks very well"

This guy, "Oh my God, Wow! She speaks...Wow!"

"She speaks SO well"

"So", "Very", "Really" with an adjective or an adverb

How about a noun? Let's add a noun to this.

"Girl", that's a noun

We cannot use "So" with a noun

we have to change it

she's such a smart girl

"Such" and "So" mean the same thing

But "so" for adjectives and adverbs

"Such" for nouns

That is an adjective

but this describes the noun, right?

because of that we need "Such"

Let's imagine you go to a shop, you want to buy some new jeans

but there's no price "Excuse me, how much are these jeans?"


What! What?

We know that "so" adds some emotion

some "Wow that is a lot of that thing!"

So maybe he will say...

"Wow they're expensive"

"They are SO expensive!"

This guy however, he will say "TOO"

So what is the difference between them?

"TOO" means it's excessive, it's more than you want, more than you like

maybe it's impossible to do this thing now

That's why "too" might seem bad in some situations

So, the difference

He is saying "wow they are SO expensive" but maybe he has enough money

it's still a lot of money but he has enough

this guy however

"Maybe I don't have enough money", or

"It's more money than I want to spend"

That's why he says "too" "too expensive"

I've heard students say "wow it's it's too cheap, it's too cheap!"

They think it's that's a good thing it's "wow cheap cheap cheap!"


If I hear "TOO cheap"

I'm thinking "Hmm TOO cheap"? There must be a problem with that thing

The student should have said "wow it's so cheap"

another example let's say you want to put on some makeup

so you try

No. That's more than we need

That's too much! That's too much makeup

So you try again

now your friend thinks you're crazy

What is more than "too much"?

you can add emphasis by adding...

That's WAY too much! That's FAR too much

WAY and FAR add emphasis

It's more than 'TOO MUCH'

Dude, this is a ridiculous amount of makeup

if I were a girl, that's probably what I would do

I'm not that smart

now one thing about this is, we used "too MUCH" why "too MUCH"?


"makeup" is a noun

an uncountable noun

with uncountable nouns

you'll put "TOO MUCH + uncountable noun"

"That's WAY TOO MUCH makeup"

Honestly this will probably be me very soon


I eat too many donuts

it's excessive it's more than I need

notice I used "too MANY" not "too MUCH"

too MANY because "Donuts" is a noun

but it's a countable noun

so with countable nouns, too MANY

If we change the noun to "Food"

that's an uncountable noun.

Now it's...

Too MUCH food I eat too MANY donuts

You know what, I'm not sorry, they're delicious!

Okay final one, we'll put everything we've learnt into this one example

This student has a test

he opens his test, looks at the questions and thinks...

"Wow this is harder than normal"

What will he say? He just wants to say "more than normal" just that

"This is VERY hard"

Remember he could also say

"This is REALLY hard"

and again REALLY is more common, I use REALLY more than VERY

So "Really", more common to use

Further into the test he sees "Oh my god this is... wow this is hard!"

Wow! This is hard!

What can he say?

This is SO hard!

"SO" it adds emphasis, it adds emotion

It adds that WOW to this adjective or adverb

Now we add a noun

remember with a noun how do we change it?

SUCH a hard test!

"This is SUCH a hard test! Oh my god!"

Again SO and SUCH, they mean the same thing

but such is with a noun

and remember to use the article if it needs one

this time he wants to say "No! This test is impossible!"

Not SO hard, but...

Too "This is TOO hard! I'm leaving!"

So next time you want to say "She's TOO beautiful" or "It's TOO cold"

Maybe you want to say she's SO beautiful it's SO cold

just be careful which one you mean

okay test time

On your paper write: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

I'm going to give you an example sentence

You have to decide is it TOO or SO?

Number 1)

In that example, you couldn't understand me because

Which one do you think?

Why? it was faster than you could understand making it impossible

therefore TOO fast

Number 2) I watch Game of Thrones

But I don't like how many people die in Game of Thrones

I'm going to stop watching

TOO many people are dying! I don't like it! I'm not going to watch anymore!

Bye bye Game of Thrones! oh no no

Game of Thrones til I die!

Number 3) Wow I can understand him but he speaks very very fast Wow

Remember I can understand him so it's not TOO fast or TOO quickly

Number 4)

Ugh! Tired! I can't stay awake anymore!

I must sleep now

"Tired" is the adjective

Of course I am TOO tired! No! I can't stay awake anymore! I'm TOO tired

and finally number 5)

"Wow, this lesson was good! Wow! Good!"

"I learned a lot!"

Wow! Good!

if you agree, write "This lesson was SO good!" in the comments!

If you got everything correct

You are amazing! You're a genius!

and you deserve an ice cream and a doughnut and a pancake

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