10 Girl Names YOU Pronounce INCORRECTLY


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- Hello everyone, and welcome back

to English with Lucy.

Today, I've got a pronunciation video for you.

I'm going to teach you how to pronounce

ten commonly mispronounced girls' names.

So I've got ten of the most popular names

in the UK that are commonly mispronounced.

So if you have any of these names yourself,

you're going to have to say it a million times

on the phone, spell it out for people,

correct people.

Sometimes you might get so bored of it

that you don't even bother correcting people any more.

So let me know if you have this name

and how you deal with people mispronouncing it all the time.

Now some of these are mispronounced because

there are various different ways of pronouncing them.

So I will go through those and if I miss any out,

comment down below.

So this video is a pronunciation lesson.

If you want to improve your speaking

and pronunciation even further,

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Let's get started with the lesson.

The first one is this one.

So the official pronunciation of this name Siobhan,

but obviously you can name your baby whatever

you want to name it.

So if you want to call it Siobhan, that is absolutely fine.

It's a lovely name as well.

I think I actually had more Siobhans in my year

at school than I did Siobhans.

Yeah, you can call it what you want,

but commonly mispronounced, so be careful.

The next one is a gorgeous name.

I absolutely love this name.

It is this one.

And the S is silent.

And this causes some confusion.

It should be Isla.


I think I just love any name with like the I sound in it.

I think it's so beautiful.


Now the next one is actually a combination of

two names.

And this is mispronounced purely because

people misread it.

So we've got Kristin and Kirstin.

Kristin, Kirstin.

But yes, a number of times I've emailed

someone called Kristin, and I've greeted them as Kirstin.

And it gets a bit embarrassing.

So yeah, be extra, extra careful over

Kristin and Kirstin.

Number four, there is no right or wrong with this one.

You can Eva, or you can say Eva.

The best thing to do is just ask.

Number five, much like Eva or Eva

is Kyra or Kyra.

With this particular spelling, it could be either or.

It could be either Kyra or Kyra.

But with other spellings,

it could be a little bit more clear.

The next one, another one where you really should just ask.

Is it Mia or is it Mia?

Who knows.

Ask the poor person.

The next one is confusing

purely because it has three vowels in a row.

Oh my God.

I should be pronounced Gaia, Gaia.

But I'm pretty sure there will be someone in the world

that calls it Gaia.

Actually on that line of thought,

one of my school teachers was actually called Gay,

which comes from the meaning happy.

But yeah, bit of a shame, actually.

It's not a name that I hear so frequently nowadays.

Next one.

Anything containing "Lee" spelled like this.

So I could Leigh on its own.

It could be Ashleigh.

People who have this in their name

frequently complain of being called "lay" or Ash "lay",

et cetera.

Next, we have this one.

Now obviously it depends on the parent.

This one should actually be Kaia

like in Mya.

Some people might pronounce it by saying Kaia.

And the last one is this one.

Again it depends on the parent.

It could be Layla, or it could be Layla.

I personally prefer Layla because it's got that

I sound in it, which I think is so beautiful.

Right, guys.

That's it for today's video.

I hope you enjoyed it.

And I hope you learned something.

Those were ten popular girls' names

that are commonly mispronounced.

Comment below if you have a name that is often

said or spelled incorrectly.

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And I will see you soon for another lesson.


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